Obstacles to Attachment Parenting:

Why do they try to prevent us from following our instincts?


  1. Women are made to feel belittled for being "only a mom", when in actuality, there is no more important "job" than being a mother!

  2. The parenting myths that are perpetuated through the generations by so-called "experts" are advice that can emotionally, if not physically and mentally cripple a child by forcing them to spend the rest of their adult lives trying to make up for the needs that were not satisfied as an infant or small child.

  3. The lack of priorities on the part of parents is appalling. The baby must come first. An adult is capable of understanding why his or her needs can't be gratified the second they arise, an infant is not!

  4. It is the rarest of parents who realize that bottles are completely unnecessary in normal circumstances.

  5. Pacifiers are, more times than not, for the benefit of the parent NOT the child! (note: a bottlefed child must be given plenty of time with the pacifier to fill the need to suck.)

  6. There is overwhelming pressure to parent the way someone else does because they may be putting pressure on you because of the guilt they feel for not following their own hearts and instincts to do what was right for their children. This includes, formula feeding, crying it out, using strollers instead of slings, etc. This list is endless!

  7. Following your doctors advice as if his or her advice was law is just foolish. At any age, you should question why a certain procedure is necessary. What are the options? What will happen if you don't follow this particular remedy? What are the possible dangers of the prescribed remedy? Get a second and third opinion; are their other specialists in the field to consult? Consult other people who have dealt with this matter; what course of action did they take and what would they have done differently? Remember, 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class!

  8. You must listen to your baby first! He or she will give you the clues as to his or her needs. Nobody is more of an expert on the needs of an infant than that baby himself! A cry should be the last clue that the child needs something! Watch for the signs the baby gives you and anticipate his or her needs.

  9. Beware of the ulterior motives of large corporations! Much is done to sabotage the breastfeeding relationship by the formula companies. Something as innocent looking as a pacifier can lead to nipple confusion that can be the downfall of breastfeeding. Then, what is your option??? Formula that can constipate your baby, deny him/her of proper nutrition necessary for proper brain development, cause colic that will deprive him/her of the sleep necessary for growth, etc. Beware of free samples of anything baby-related in the mail. Do not sign up for any lists for anything baby related. They will sell your name to other companies and you will be flooded with samples, literature and coupons for every possible gizmo and contraption to sabotage your efforts at breastfeeding and attachment parenting!


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