Lonnit's Wish List:

The Keys to Attachment Parenting Becoming the Norm

  1. Mothers should see the value in staying home with their children. In many cases, the costs of working include spending for daycare, baby formula, work-related wardrobe, eating lunch out, etc., and taxes! When you add all of this up, you are left with very little "extra income". Very often the mother's intentions are to provide "more" for her child. The child would benefit far more from a stay-at-home mom than he or she would from an extra toy or two and a family vacation! (Of course I am not referring to special situations like single moms, extreme financial conditions, etc, where there is no other option. In this case the "ideal" would be for the child to be cared for by a close relative or truly caring nanny, in a one-on-one situation and not a crowded daycare nursery.)

  2. People should not plan on having a baby until they are emotionally mature enough to be capable of making the baby the first priority in their lives.

  3. Baby formula should be available by prescription only for use in extremely rare cases where extenuating circumstances truly prevent breastfeeding from being possible.

  4. Parents should be educated before the birth of the child in breastfeeding and attachment parenting. THE CONTINUUM CONCEPT by Jean Liedloff should be required reading!

  5. Doctors should not be allowed to dispense "parenting" advice. They are not trained in this field and have no right to recommend "crying-it-out" nor the perpetuation of any other bad parenting advice based on myths and fallacies.

  6. Women must be educated in how to handle the barrage of misinformation they will be bombarded with about breastfeeding. Future grandparents should also attend classes of their own to learn the difference between fact and fallicy.

  7. We are born with wonderful instincts. We should not be condemned for following them, whether it be to pick up our children when they cry, to sleep with them in a family bed, nor to hold them close all day, etc.

  8. Hitting a child, threatening them, disrespecting them in any way, physically, mentally or emotionally, is completly unacceptable.

  9. Truly natural childbirth should be the standard in normal delivery. Medical intervention creates more problems than it prevents in what could have been a normal, routine birth.

  10. Every baby should be carried in a sling to maintain the physical closeness with a parent that they were so used to within the womb. The toddler should continue to be carried to the point where the parent is no longer physically capable of handling the weight of the child comfortably. This usually works out in that as the child becomes more capable of walking for longer distances the parent is less cabable of handling the child's increasing weight for long periods of time!


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